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♦️ECG is an income generating project from playing games with coins. 
♦️Joining the ECG, you have the opportunity to increase the value many times from the growth of the cryptos that you win from the game!
♦️The games created by ECG are easy to play, close and accessible to the members, including soccer betting, even odd, tennis, racing, loto bit, Chinese dice, bike racing, and Chinese chess.
♦️Payment by ADC will make automatic payment, quick liquidity, safe and tax reduction.
Join the ECG, you can get many big deals.
♦️If you are a normal member, you will be entitled to 5% of the total commission that ECG receive from your first tier.
♦️If you are our agents, you will get 10% of the money line of your F1 and 5% from F2 to F7.
♦️For outstanding partners achieving more than $50,000, you will get 1% commission in every turn whether your players win or not.

For more information of the ECG Project, please visit website: https://earncoingame.com/

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